Intensive Neurofeedback / VR Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback uses the brains ability to regulate itself in order to improve brain function, regulate emotions eliminating symptoms and creating permanent change. It works by allowing the brain to repair itself, and is a safe and efficacious way of reducing symptoms of a range of conditions without side effects. 

Concentration, focus and emotional control are key to achieving positive changes to your current state of mind. Neurofeedback is effective for a range of physical conditions including chronic pain, irritable bowel and some autoimmune symptoms. A regulated brain leads to better regulation of emotions and physical symptoms, and optimal peak performance.

Virtual reality neurofeedback (VR)
emotion regulation

VR neurofeedback is more immersive and presents three-dimensional environments to interact with in real time. 

In psychotherapy, virtual environments allow us not only to reproduce relevant stimulation configurations for psychological health intervention, but also allows the possibility to manipulate certain variables in order to control and adapt the intervention to the persons individual need.

Virtual reality neurofeedback