4 Ways Workplace Stress Impacts your Home Life

By now, you’ve probably heard about work stress and burnout, and the common misconception is that this only affects your work life. But the reality is that workplace stress and burnout has a significant impact on your home and social life. That’s why it’s important to seek the right treatment for you when the problem arises.

Not everyone can tell when they’re suffering from the symptoms of such conditions, so here are four ways that workplace stress can affect your home life.

You become frustrated with friends and family and take your stress out on them.

When you’re under stress and strain, the normal human behaviour is to release that stress. It’s normal to feel like you have no control in the workplace because you’re always outranked. But one area of your life where you don’t lack control is your home life; and as a result, most people begin to take out their frustrations on unsuspecting people in their personal life.

This is an unpleasant situation for all parties involved because your friends and family have nothing to do with your work stress. It’s important to realise when you might be taking your frustration out on others and seek proper counselling so that you can deal with these issues in a respectable way.

You’ll think about work related problems during personal time.

Some workplaces have an unreasonable expectation from their workers. They’ll expect staff to work long hours and to also be committed to work in their personal time. In an economy based on capitalism, companies want full ownership over their employee’s time.

There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious, or wanting to put more effort into your work than everyone else; especially if you’re passionate about your work. But thinking about your work in your personal time for too long will inevitably lead to burnout and anxiety. Not only that, but your friends and family require your full undivided attention.

If your work problems are invading your personal time then you’re surely at risk of suffering from burnout. Be sure to monitor this and seek help when needed.

You’ll find it difficult to have quality rest.

To be a more efficient worker, you need quality rest. But suffering from burnout creates an unpleasant cycle where you can’t get the quality shut-eye that you need. This leads to you doubling up on your work related stress, because a lack of sleep exposes you to further anxiety.

If you’re having problems with sleep then it’s a problem you shouldn’t hesitate to resolve.

You won’t be able to enjoy weekends and holidays.

Ever heard the term Sunday Blues? These Sunday Blues come about because people dread the Monday morning return to work. Meaning, people are already thinking about being at work on Monday, instead of living in the moment and enjoying their Sunday.

The same mentality will be applied to holidays, where instead of enjoying every minute of your time off; you’re counting the amount of time until your return to work.

You could argue that this is normal human behaviour, but too much of this thinking can be an indicator of deeper psychological issues.

These are just four ways that work stress and burnout can impact your everyday life. There are many more indicators to watch out for. It’s important to stay self-aware so that you can take notice when you’re suffering from mental health issues.

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- By Gary Swaby

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